The Artisan Wood Market is a collaboration of local Las Vegas crafts men and women who have come together to share their skill and expertise with the world. Each of our members has developed expert skills and honed their creative talents to produce a variety of functional and decorative items. Each of these items is crafted from wood. Local, exotic, green or re-purposed, the woods they select allow them to unleash their creativity and love of woodworking in all its forms.

Talents, objects, techniques and artistic expressions vary as much between individual members as it does between different species of wood. Strong clean designs reminiscent of the sturdy oak and maple are side-by-side with flowing, swirling creations from exotic woods and amazing burls. The practical beauty of utilitarian objects is showcased beside purely decorative art forms. Our woodworkers’ diverse designs reflect their varied backgrounds, skill sets and design ethos. But within the mixture of expression and creation is a uniting desire to create…to create something beautiful…to create something to share.