Meet our Artisans

Ann Casey

Ann made a pig cutting board in 7th grade shop that her mom used until she was well out of college.  She was hooked – but well, she was a girl, and shop fell by the way side.  She never forgot the enjoyment she found in that shop though.  Luckily, times have changed and it is now ok for a girl to be and do whatever she wants.
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Jimmy Clewes

Jimmy is not your ordinary woodturner. Upon a first meeting one would think of him as a renegade, a free thinker and not within the stereotypical image of a woodturner. His charming British style, unending wit, creative mind and magnetic personality are only some of the attributes that make him popular in the woodturning demonstration and teaching circuit.

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John Frame

For years an avid outdoorsman and nature photographer John is drawn to the natural beauty all around us – the wild colors, variety of terrain, and the unexpected beauty around each bend in the path.  When he discovered woodworking he knew that he had found his true passion and creative outlet.
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Denny LaRocca

Denny LaRocca’s love for woodworking began as a little boy, helping his grandfather in his wood shop. He would go onto take wood shop classes in high school, and during his career in the Army as a tank mechanic, he began building commissioned pieces for friends and colleagues.
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Lupe Nielsen

Lupe Nielsen has been fascinated with high-end fine woodworking for five years. Woodworking has become a constant avocation during her spare time. She is a “general practitioner” of the craft, and is determined to make almost everything: From elegant cutting boards, to kitchen utensils, boxes, and turnings, to fine furniture like bookcases, dressers, tables, and chairs. Wood is her current medium of expression.

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Dennis Patchett

My woodworking experience started when I was 12 years old working alongside my dad in a lumberyard. This was where I acquired and developed my knowledge of different kinds of wood and my love for furniture making began.
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Beth Wheeler

Beth is an original Yankee with deep roots in tradition, family and craft.  After years in the corporate rat race she decided to change the pace and follow her passion – woodworking – and build items that bring families together – for generations.  A concern for our natural resources, traditional craft practices and simple ‘homey’ elegance drive her designs.

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Braxton Wirthlin

My name is Braxton Wirthlin and I was born and raised in the Las Vegas valley. I am a stay at home dad by day and a woodturner and furniture builder by night. I’m passionate about my craft and enjoy building custom pieces of furniture for business and individuals.
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